September, 17

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Niklas Adam: Situation Aught, 1st- 25th October 2015

Welcome to this exhibition of sculptural installations by artist Niklas Adam. It seeks to invoke, and cast light on the habits that form our perception and decipherment of reality. A sculptural sonic landscape within which the audience may listen and observe as materials come alive, and manifest into music. This kinetic ensemble consists of three parts: Reverie III, Vifte Med Stanniol Ovenpå Fjernsyn and Hjemfalden Til Tiden og Tilfældige Udvalgte Kombinationer.

Niklas Adam examines the ability of work on the border between visual art and music to break loose from the traditional behavioral patterns of listening, rational thinking and immediacy. Sound, movement, perception and how we choose or are confined, to interpret the outside world, is a recurring theme in Adam’s work. His approach is characterized by questioning the performance of music and especially how the traditional platform for music closes off the possibility for other types of listening in society. His work is both demanding and patient.