February, 10


CANCELLED “ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ is produced in collaboration between BEK, Bergen Kjøtt, Lydgalleriet and NyMusikk Bergen, and is a workshop resulting in a 14 hour performance, which itself is a coalescence and practical demonstration of the techniques and strategies developed during the preceding days.

The workshop takes place at Bergen Kjøtt, Feb. 13.-18th 10:00- 15:00, and concludes with a 14 hour durational performance distributed over several of the spaces at Lydgalleriet/Østre, starting Friday at 18:00 and ending Saturday morning at 08:00.

12 hours of the performance from Friday 19:00 to Saturday 07:00 are open to the audience, while the first and final hours of the performance are exclusive to the workshop participants.

“ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ is a workshop dealing with techniques for Time Distortion, Hypnosis, Power Focus, Deep Concentration, and new ways of thinking fused with the best of the old. At the end of the week, you will be using a set of tools that will be the difference that makes the difference in your life, whatever you do, and you will be equipped to take part in an unprecedented performance using the techniques you have learned lasting 14 hours – taking you to places that you never actually even thought about dreaming of!

Andrew M. McKenzie, core of The Hafler Trio, Instructional Designer, Hypnotherapist, Mood Engineer and Maker of Strange Things guides you through the processes that will allow you to take control of the power in your life, from the basics to indications of where the advanced may well lie for you. Drawing on over 30 years of experimentation (learning painfully so you don’t have to), research, practice and practical implementation with a wide range of disciplines and techniques dealing with the REAL issues of power and control, a new relationship from a new set of perspectives with Technology and the Self becomes not only possible, but extremely desirable.

No musical training or technical knowledge necessary, “ ‘‘‘‘‘‘‘ ˮ is open to all willing participants. Sign up by sending a mail to trond.lossius@bek.no