November, 6

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Jeff Carey / Marije Baalman / Till Boverman / Miguel Negrão

10. November 2013 kl 20:00

     Lydgalleriets konsertserie Non Frontal presenterer omsluttende lydopplevelser. Kveldens konsert består av elektronisk musikk fra Modality – et nettverk av komponister, programmerere og lydhackere som arbeider i Bergen i november. Amerikanske Jeff Carey har besøkt Bergens scener for elektronisk musikk siden 2006 (Nattjazz, Ekko, Borealis, Pixel). Konserten er en ko-produksjon mellom BEK og Lydgalleriet.


     Marije Baalman

Performing “Wezen – Gewording”.

Wezen is a solo music-theatre work where I try to explore the relationship between theatrical gesture and musical instrument, between the body and the sonic world.Gewording (Becoming) is the first performance version where the link between physical and sonic gesture is explored during a live performance, combining movement of the body and live coding.

     Till Bovermann

Performing “Verber” — Sounds from Reverb for Clicks.

     Jeff Carey

“3:30 is Jeff Carey’s 3rd solo CD release that takes its inspiration from that cornerstone of pop music – the three to three and half minute pop song. In his own words Jeff decided to approach this album ‘as an exercise in reduction – the process of packing a maximum amount of musical information into every moment/sound/phrase’. The ferocious and reductionist production angle results in a set of tracks that pull you in and spit you out just as quickly, which in a climate of endless epic track lengths simply adds to the sense of excitement. This is not a mawkish, sentimental piece of work and it will appeal to anyone who doesn’t mind breaking some nails while hanging onto the edges of an electrifying audio vista. It’s a bracing, fizzing and explosive listen which excitedly packs what might have been an hours worth of ideas into its near 22 minutes.”