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Hybridity and Synaesthesia in Electronic Literature

Experience works of electronic literature that appeal to our senses of touch, hearing and sight. John Murray and Anastasia Salter use a Ouija board as an interface to a hypertextual story about the supernatural, where the reader’s movements of the planchette affect the course of the story. Caitlin Fisher and Tony Viere’s “Mother/Home/Heaven” uses augmented reality to tell stories from everyday life in a Canadian pioneer village. In Joellyn Rock and Alison Aune’s “Fish Net Stockings” we discover a world where mermaids exist, and we encounter this story through a back-projected projection screen using vivid colours and silouette outlines as well as physical cardboard cutouts, sounds and words. Julie Vulcan and Ashley Scotts RIMA translates the exhibition’s visitors’ physical movemnets through the gallery space control the Twitter diary of a semi-fictional prisoner of conscience. Angus Forbes uses visualisation techniques to create new versions of Emily Dickinson’s poetry.

Photo:  A screenshot from the #Carnivast app showing one of the app’s micro-environments. Credit to Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell.


Hybride grensesnitt, digitale fortellinger

Denne utstillingen viser elektronisk litteratur som krever at vi bruker sanser vi vanligvis ikke forbinder med lesing.

John Murray og Anastasia Salter bruker et fysisk Ouija-brett som grensesnitt til en hypertekstuell fortelling om det overnaturlige. Caitlin Fisher og Tony Vieres “Mother/Home/Heaven” bruker augmentert virkelighet  til å fortelle historier om hverdagslivet i en pionerlandsby i Kanada. I Joellyn Rock og Alison Aunes “Fish Net Stockings” møter vi en verden hvor havfruer faktisk eksisterer, vist fram med skyggeteaterets virkemidler kombinert med projeksjoner, utklipte figurer, lyd og tekst. Julie Vulcan og Ashley Scotts “RIMA” lar tilskuernes fysiske bevegelser i utstillingsrommet påvirke twitterdagboken til en halvt fiktiv samvittighetsfange. Angus Forbes bruker visualiseringsteknologier for å skape nye versjoner av Emily Dickinson’s poesi. Philippe Bootz og Nicolas Bauffe har programmert to datamaskiner som sammen skaper ny musikk og poesi.



Tuesday 4 aug: 

Sonic Sculpture Workshop by Taras Mashtalir (Machine Libertine) 
Technique: Video art, sound sculpture, interactive applications
Target Audience: Developers, IT specialists

Participants of the workshop, experts from the field of IT and computer technologies, are acquainted with the concept and history of sound sculptures, learn about the technologies used in this field, and participate in a poetic media performance by Machine Libertine.

Digital Scherenschnitte / Video Compositing with cut-ups and collage workshop by Joellyn Rock and Alison Aune

Mixed-media artists Joellyn Rock and Alison Aune offer a hands-on visual art workshop on collage, paper-cutting, silhouettes and digital compositing. What does this have to do with electronic literature you ask? Well… In Rock and Aune’s multimedia installation, FISH NET STOCKINGS, which will be exhibited at the Lydgalleriet at ELO 2015, the little mermaid story unfolds with multivalent versions echoing folk art patterns and digital iterations. Bifurcating imagery, like that made by folding and cutting plays a role in the aesthetics of the work. Hans Christian Andersen was known for his live scissor writing. His version of scherenschnitte, was an improvised performance art with paper cut imagery, integrating the haptic visual experience into his storytelling. Andersen’s cut paper collages anticipate the collage art of dadaism and surrealism… and some elit experiments can trace their roots back to these very methods of assemblage. Join us for a playful workshop generating mixed-media collages, paper cuts, silhouettes, and testing their use in digital compositing for video projection. Investigate how to combine imagery in layers in photoshop and video in final cut for rich digital composites and short animations.

Thursday 6 aug:

Artists talks by artists participating in the Hybridity exhibition and walk through the exhibition with the curators Kathi Inman Berens and  Roderick Coover @ 16.15

Exhibition opening 17.30-18.30

Performance evening 20.00 – 23.00

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