1. A blog by Lydgalleriet.
Texts and talks around sound art and music presented at Lydgalleriet in Bergen, Norway.

2. A collection of texts from the project Writing Sound 2 project November 2014.
Curated by guest programmer Daniela Cascella.

Writing Sound 2 summons various approaches to writing, listening and performing sound, through ephemeral and transient collections and recollections. It enacts the resounding qualities of text; the polyphonies that emerge in reading aloud; listening as it affects and is affected by writing, reading and performing. It considers the multitude of ephemeral yet actual spaces that emerge in such processes. With an eye and an ear to the histories of sound in art and text, and another eye and ear wide open to contemporary and living approaches, Writing Sound 2 allows some of these spaces to exist—some of them to be heard, others to be imagined. It inhabits the space of a sound art gallery but it doesn’t feature any display: rather, it sets up a room for activities, quiet acts and non-acts of listening, reading, writing, talking, performing. It commissions texts and sounds but it won’t feature a final publication: rather, it sets up a collection in transit and change, to be augmented and transformed in future instalments.