Lydgalleriet is an exhibition platform for sound art, exhibiting international sound based art and initiating local art production in Bergen, Norway. Lydgalleriet explores today’s plethora of experimental sound based art and auditive cultures through gallery shows, concerts, workshops and and interventions in public space, and was initiated by a group of musicians, sound artists, art historians and art organisers in 2005. The board today consists of Roar Sletteland, Sissel Lillebostad, Hild Borchgrevink, Stein-Inge Århus and Anne Marthe Dyvi.

Lydgalleriet also rents out equipment for sound based art projects and exhibitions and offer a selection of CDs, DVDs and books of sound based art and related practices.

We collaborate with local and national and international institutions, such as Borealis Festival, Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst and other PNEK nodes and were previously  a member of the European sound art network Resonance, along with Intro in situ (Maastricht), Festival van Vlanderen (Kortrijk), Singuhr Hörgalerie (Berlin) and Le Bon Accueil (Rennes).