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About us

Lydgalleriet is an exhibition platform for sound art and sound related art practices, situated in Bergen, Norway. We explore a diversity of experimental sound-based art practices and sonic cultures through gallery shows, multichannel concerts, discursive work and live programming.

Lydgalleriet works with artists showing a critical engagement in contemporary cultural issues through various sonic mediums with spatial qualities. For many years we have played a central role in developing discourse about our own artistic field, sound art, through gallery shows, concerts, publications and artist talks.

Lydgalleriet conveys the historical context of Norwegian and international sound art, positioned between sound installation, performance and experimental music and its peculiarity within contemporary art.

Initiated by a group of musicians, sound artists and art historians in 2005 and founded formally in 2007, our staff consists today of Artistic and Managing director Julie Lillelien Porter, Tim Ekberg (technician), Paal Rasmussen (acoustic and sound technical consultant),  Amber Ablett (producer), Samuel Brzeski (dissemination), and Said Warya and Emilie Wright as gallery assistants.

As the only permanent exhibition platform for sound art in the Nordic countries, Lydgalleriet moved into their own premises in August 2020. Our address is Strandgaten 195 and is a well-customised venue for sound-based art.

Regular opening hours for exhibitions are Thursday- Sunday 12 –17. Other events vary in opening hours.

Lydgalleriet is accessed directly from the street.
Our toilet facilities are not gender or wheelchair separated. Welcome!