August, 5

THURSDAY 6th AUGUST, 16.15- 23.00

Welcome to the official launch of Hybridity and Synaesthesia in Electronic Literature at Lydgalleriet.

The Hybridity and Synaesthesia exhibition features works that push at the edges of literature and other art forms. These works appeal to other aspects of the sensorium than those we typically associate with reading for example involving haptic sensation, touch-based interactivity, innovative audio elements, interactive images, or locative technologies.


Artists talks by artists participating in the Hybridity exhibition and walk through the exhibition with the curators Kathi Inman Berens and  Roderick Coover @ 16.15

Works presented in the exhibition include: “From Beyond” by John Murray (US) and Anastasia Salter (US), “a throw of the dice will never abolish chance .com” by Andy Simianmoto (AU) and Andy Karen Ann Donnachie (AU), “#Carnivast” by Mez Breeze (AU) and Andy Campbell (UK), “play music for my poem” by Philippe Bootz (FR) and Nicolas Bauffe (FR), “Poetry Chains and Collocations” by Angus Forbes (US), “Fish Net Stockings” by Joellyn Rock (US) and Alison Aune (US), “Mother/Home/Heaven” by Caitlin Fisher (CA) and Tony Viere (CA), and RIMA by Julie Vulcan (AU) and Ashley Scott (AU).

Exhibition opening 17.30-18.30

Performance evening 20.00 – 23.00

Readings and performances of digital literature and screeings of films by artists including: Donna Leishman (UK) and Steve Gibson (CA) “Borderline”, Kristian Pedersen and Audun Lindholm (NO) “Waves”, Zuzana Husarova (SR) “Any Vision”, Simon Biggs (AU) “Crosstalk”, John Cayley (CA) “Monoclonal Microphone: the movie”, Hazel Smith (UK) and Roger Dean (AU) “text, sound, electronics, live coding”, Ottar Ormstad (NO) and Taras Mashtalir (RU) “LONG RONG SONG”, Taras Mashtalir and Natalia Fedorova (RU) “Machine Libertine.”