Small wrists

This new project for Lydgalleriet conceived by Rune Søchting and Hong-Kai Wang explores acts of listening and re-telling and investigates how variations of shared narratives are produced through writing (and re-writing), circulations, translations and circumstances.

Liao2_mug shot

The development of the project is centered on the notion of “social bandit” as coined by the British Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm. The social bandit is a type of criminal that exists and operates on the margins and illegality of society. Social bandits challenge the established socio-economic hierarchy and, among others, redistribution of property e.g. wealth and knowledge. Hobsbawm’s analysis identifies the social bandit as one who belongs to a pre-modern society and includes historical figures e.g. Jack Sheppard, Liau Thiam-Ting and Forty Elephants, but one might also find contemporary candidates within the frame of the global information-economy e.g. Edward Snowden.

Social banditry is characterized by his/her/their transgression of the reality and the border of individuality and body. Within a wider context the social bandit exists as a ghost-like presence kept alive and constantly mutated in a movement of transmission of narratives, word of mouth, rumour, fantasy and truth.

Through a series of open meetings in collaboration with Nora Adwan, Hild Borchgrevink, Alicia Cohen and Anders Gullestad, the project seeks to explore this process of transmission and possibly the hidden, invisible and low frequency voices around it as well as the space where the voices find resonance.


Small wrists is part of LYDHØRT , a series of 4 projects developed for Lydgalleriet in Bergen in 2014-2015 by Signe Lidén, Julie Lillelien Porter, Daniela Cascella and Rune Søchting.