Joint curatorial statement.

LYDHØRT is a series of 4 projects developed for Lydgalleriet in Bergen in 2014-2015 by Signe Lidén, Julie Lillelien Porter, Daniela Cascella and Rune Søchting.

Each project is independently devised by each of the participants and developed from collective activities and from an ongoing dialogue.

The artists and activities presented within LYDHØRT pertain to a wide range of languages and formats, from objects to texts, installations to performances, readings and events. This project brings them together through an attention to the sonic medium, because of its ability to create territories, to evoke memories, and to establish connections between individuals, across and in spite of given formats and disciplines. It is not just the material or sensorial aspect of sound that is in focus, but sound as a complex social, communicative phenomenon. Sound happens in-between and involves various types of processes.

The projects in LYDHØRT artistically explore processes of translation, transformation, resonance and interference.


For the opening performance Sculpture5 – please listen via


As a further ambition to develop transversal projects, a radio streaming throughout the duration of LYDHØRT connects and transforms each of its spaces and reaches out beyond them.

The streaming is active 12-17 every Thursday to Sunday June 7th-29th