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Sam Auinger & Bruce Odland, Curated by Carsten Seiffarth

Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland (O+A): BERGEN R1 – Resonance Installation.

PLACE: Outside Bergen Kunsthall

VERNISSAGE: July 30 at 1900.

SCREENINGS OF SAM AUINGER VIDEOS AT 2100, introduced by the artist.

PERIOD: July 30 – September 26.

Curated by Carsten Seiffarth.

Since 1989 Sam Auinger  and Bruce Odland( O+A) have been researching the properties of sound in urban spaces. In their installations they react to the soundscape of public spaces with subtle acoustic transformations, thus changing the way a place is perceived. The artistic method O+A developed to transform urban sounds in realtime, is based on the principle of „resonance“.

The main tool for doing this is a „tuning tube“ placed at a selected spot within the urban sound environment. It is creating an overtone series through sympathetic resonance…. harmonic intervals are emphasized while background noise is suppressed. Despite their musical transformation, distinctive sounds and noises characteristic of the urban environment remain recognizable – emergency vehicle sirens, the deep throb of trucks, dogs barking and human voices all retain their unmistakable character.

‍The sound is transmitted to a „cube“ loudspeaker which broadcasts back the transformed sound in realtime into the urban environment. Constructed out of cement, impervious to weather, too heavy to lift, this “cube” is ideal for long term outdoor installations. With it´s downward facing speaker it broadcasts uniformly in all directions and therefore couples with the environment of the site in a unique way.

The „cube“ is placed at a location where it can speak to architecture and social use of that site.It’s not just the sound; the whole situation is altered and “retuned”, when perceived through a harmonically altered soundscape, all it´s architectural, social, and visual aspects of urban life at site.

Sam Auinger is a sound artist, composer and philosopher dealing extensively with the subjects of composition, computer music, psycho acoustics, sound design and society. In 1989 he and Bruce Odland founded O+A to develop a “Hearing Perspective” of the world we live in.  Their projects include Garten der Zeitraume (Ars Electronica 1990, Linz), Traffic Mantra (at Trajan’s Forum in Rome, 1991), Balance (Sonambiente, Berlin 1996), Box 30/70 (2000-…, Siemens, Berlin), Blue Moon (New Sounds New York, 2004), Requiem for fossil fuels (Ear to the Earth festival, NYC, 2007), “my eyes. . . my ears. . . “ (Ear to the Earth, NYC, 2009).  Permanent Sound installations of O+A can be found in the US and Europe. Auinger is also  a founding member of “Stadtmusik”  along with fellow Berlin based composer Hannes Strobl and media artist Dietmar Offenhuber.  Stadtmusik’s multi-media pieces focus on the sonic structures generated by the built environment.  Their work has been shown extensively at international venues. Auinger’s body of work has received numerous prizes and awards. In 1997 he was invited to the DAAD Berlin Artist-in-Residence program.  In 2002 he became the youngest artist to receive the Kultur Preis der Stadt Linz. He received the SKE Publicity Preis in 2007.  In 2009 he received the Berlin atelier at Citè International des Arts in Paris and in 2010 he was named as the first “StadtKlangKünstler” Bonn 2010. Auinger is Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts in Berlin and runs the Department of Experimental Sound Design Master’s Program.