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Peter Cusack, Gregory Whitehead, Taylor Dupree, Alexander Rishaug, Yoichi Nagashima

PARABOL - en serie lydarbeider hos Galleri 3,14 kuratert av Lydgalleriet gjennom hele 2009. Parabolen brukes fortsatt av 3,14 anno 2018.

Lydgalleriet supplerer i år utstillingene til Galleri 3,14 med komplementerende, kommenterende eller kompromitterende lydarbeider, avspilt gjennom en Parabolhøyttaler i inngangspartiet til galleriet. 

Peter Cusack - Instanbul Soundscape - 30.01. - 08.03.09

Først ut er Peter Cusacks ISTANBUL SOUNDSCAPE, en rekke fantastiske, særegne, merkelige og vakre opptak fra en reise han gjorde i 2007. Peter Cusack er kjent for alle som har lest David Toops “Haunted Weather” og er en av grunnleggerne av LMC (London Musicians’ Collective). Han har vært en viktig del av den britiske impro-scenen siden 70-tallet og har parallelt med dette arbeidet med feltopptak, spesielt med serien “Sounds From Dangerous Places”, med opptak fra bl.a. Baikal-sjøen, Tsjernobyl, olje-felt i Aserbajdsjan og de kontroversielle oppdemmingene av Eufrat og Tigris.

ISTANBUL SOUNDSCAPE tar oss under byen til vannsystemene og den korte undergrunnsbanen, over bakken til backgammon-spillende menn og bordtennis i moske-hagen. Samtalene som Cusack har med dem han møter, finner ofte sted på tross av - ikke på grunn av - den språklige forståelsen, men ønsket og viljen til kommunikasjon er alltid tilstede. Lydbildene gir oss denne helt  spesielle atmosfæren som skapes av helt små og nære lyder koblet med stedenes grandiose klangpotensiale.

Gregory Whitehead - Project Jericho - 20.03. - 03.05.09

Docufictional report, BBC3, produced with Mark Burman, duration of complete program: 19:30

Gregory Whitehead uncovers the latest attempts to harness sound as a weapon.A mock-umentary about the Jericho Institute, where the U.S. Army is researching sonic weapon applications of the Voice of God.

Gregory Whitehead is a writer, audio artist, and the director of sea-crow media. He has produced over fifty radio features, voice works, and earplays for programs in the United States and abroad. Drawing on his background in improvised music and experimental theater, Whitehead has created a body of radiophonic work distinguished by its playfully provocative blend of text, concept, voice, music, and pure sound. Production credits include: Dead Letters, Pressures of The Unspeakable (Prix Italia, 1992), and New American Radio commissions: Lovely Ways to Burn (1990), Shake, Rattle and Roll (1992) (BBC Award, Prix Futura, 1993) and The Thing About Bugs (1994). He is also the author of numerous essays on subjects relating to language, technology, and “the public”, and he co-edited Wireless Imagination: Sound, Radio and the Avant-Garde, a selective history of audio and radio art (MIT Press). 

Taylor Deupree - Weather & Worn - 08.05. - 28.06.09

"Created in a short number of days, “Weather” and “Worn” actually mark the first recordings I have done solely with acoustic instruments and a minimum of effect processing. Although not entirely planned, these two pieces are quite fittingly warm and a bit noisy, scratchy and tactile. Each track is based around a drone and then extended by further explorations around the same note. There is a stillness and feeling of tension which then give way to clarity. When the work is played loudly, it becomes ever-present, yet is gentle and calm when played softly. There is a sense of struggle between the weather and my mood, between the technology and imperfection..."

Taylor Deupree (b. 1971) is an American electronic musician, graphic designer, and photographer residing in New York. In 1997, he founded 12k, a record label that focuses on minimalism and contemporary musical forms. In 12k’s 12 years of existence Deupree has released over 60 CDs by a roster of international sound artists and has developed 12k into one of the most respected experimental music labels in the world. Rooted in minimalism 12k’s sound has evolved over the years to incorporate the hyper-synthetic elements of minimal techno to acoustic avant garde and instrumental post-rock. In September 2000, Deupree and sound artist Richard Chartier formed LINE, a sublabel of 12k that curates its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism. In January 2002 (as a celebration of 12k’s fifth anniversary) Deupree launched term., an online series of MP3 releases. While 12k’s emphasis lies not only in sound but also on design and presentation, term. exists entirely in the digital domain with no physical object or package. In September, 2003, Deupree started a 3rd record label called Happy to promote unconventional japanese pop. Happy was born from Deupree’s interest in Japanese pop and the fact that it is quite unknown outside of Japan. In 2007 Happy was folded into 12k as the sounds of the two labels started to merge.

Alexander Rishaug - My Favoutite Place - 03.07. - 09.08.09

 (2004)"My favourite Place er et stykke som kombinerer digitale lyder, feltopptak og et sample fra mitt Magnus luftorgel. Det inngår på min andre soloplate Possible Landscape som ble sluppet på Asphodel i 2004. Et flytende harmonisk landskap danner fundamentet, hvorpå en raslende rytme stykker det hele opp. Ulike feltopptak passerer i sakte tempo, en skranglende leke, en stemme eller en dör som lukkes. Min nabo sin papegøye sang av full hals ut i bakgården. Jeg firte ned med min mikrofon som om jeg var en russisk spion på hemmelig oppdrag. Senere har jeg fått vite at den rømte og forsvant. My favourite placehandler om steder en liker å være; huset ved havet, cafeen ved parken eller leiligheten i femte."

Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist and electronic musician based in Oslo, Norway. A member of the country’s fertile experimental music scene, Rishaug has toured throughout Europe and the US and appearedon compilations on the Rune Grammofon, Jester and Smalltown Supersound labels. His first full-length, the critically acclaimed Panorama, was released in 2002 by Smalltown Supersound. Also a member of the improv trio ARM with Arne Borgan and Are Mokkelbost (Single Unit), Rishaug has collaborated with numerousother artists including Håkon Kornstad, Pål Asle Pettersen, Tonny Klyften, John Hegre, Jørgen Træen, Toshimaru Nakamura and Salvatore.

Yoichi Nagashima Coin´s Journey - 14.08. - 04.10.09

Yoichi Nagashima, composer/researcher/PE, was born in 1958 in Japan. He learned and played some instruments: violin, recorder, guitar, keyboards, electric bass, drums, and vocal/choral music for 35 years. He was the conductor of Kyoto University Choir and composed over 100 choral music, and studied nuclear physics there.As the engineer of Kawai Musical Instruments, he developed some sound generator LSIs, and designed some electronic musical instruments, and produced musical softwares. From 1991, He has been the director of ”Art & Science Laboratory” in Japan Hamamatsu, produces many interactive tools of real-time music performance with sensor/MIDI, cooperates some researchers and composers, and composes experimentally pieces. He is also the key-member of Japanese computer music community.

From 2000, he has also been the associate profrssor of SUAC (Shizouka University of Art and Culture), Faculty of Design, Dapartment of Art and Science, and teaches multi-media, computer music and media-art. As a composer of computer music, he collaborates with many musicians in his composition: Piano, Organ, Percussion, Vocal, Flute, Sho, Koto, Shakuhachi, Dance,etc... He organized and was the General Chair of NIME04.On April 2007 he became a professor.