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Peter Bogers (NL), Thomas Rutgers & Jitske Blom (NL)

Lydgalleriet hosting two very exciting projects curated by Resonance, European Sound Art Network. Peter Bogers (NL) Untamed Choir’ and  Thomas Rutgers & Jitske Blom (NL) ‘The Beaters’ 2013

‘Untamed Choir’ 2013

Peter Bogers (NL)

En multikanals lydinstallasjon.Untamed Choir is an audio installation that consists of 40 small speakers hanging from the ceiling, playing 30 separate audio channels. Twenty of these speakers are positioned into a circle, cones pointing inwards. The rest of them are divided over the exhibition room. The human voice is used as the ‘sound basis’. We hear continual, gradual changes ranging between ‘scream’ and ‘song’ in various tonal pitches, using samples of existing vocal recordings as well as well as purpose-made voice recordings.


‘The Beaters’ 2013Thomas Rutgers & Jitske Blom (NL)

a sound-art installation that uses the sound of ticking. The installation consists of a large sounding box with dozens of beaters attached to it. But there’s more than meets the eye: materiality is disguised, movement manipulated, and even gravity defied, showing us how visual information can make us hear in a different way.


This exhibition is commissioned by Resonance, European Sound Art Network and supported by European Union Culture.